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. >> doug: travis wear, a transfer from north carolina. coming backhoe to socal. in his year off and off-season, worked on his game extensively. what a skilled big man. he has 17 points. he's the go-to half court scorer for the bruins coming down the stretch. >> >> spero: that was our capitol one impact performance of the afternoon. take a look at our game reset. three time-outs apiece. both teams currently in the bonus. this is what you want, two teams. a lot of youth on ucla and oregon, a team nobody expected to be at this point, certainly at this juncture, looking for a road win. who will make the plays here to win it? i'm for oregon, it's interested that dana altman is going with johnathan loyd at the point right now down the stretch instead of artis. loyd not a great scorer but a great defender and penetrator. >> spero: anderson hits the first of two. e.j. singler back on the floor playing with four fouls at this point. singler not a guy that will bowl you over with his statistical production. certainly one of the heart and seoul players for altman. anderson a freshman. 8 boards and
to the social scene. we have every angle covered for you. erica gonzalez has a list arrivals. doug kammerer the forecast. first to shomari stone with a look at how restaurants and hotels are gaeearing up. hey. >> reporter: a lot of excitement in the district. outside pearl dive restaurant on 14th street. we went to different restaurants. a lot of them the wait is not too long. they're still accepting walk-ins. >> donna joyner and her mom wait to eat at old ebbott grill. >> it is historical. i think the numbers are not as string as first time around. >> officials are expecting fewer than 800,000 people. more than 2 million attended obama's first inauguration. most restaurants aren't taking reservations. some are. the majority are accepting more walk ins. >> filled to capacity. a lot of excitement about this year's in august ral. peop -- year's inaugural. >> some hotels are taking reservations like hampton inn on massachusetts/6th. rooms from $130 to $500. closer to the action on pennsylvania avenue, hotels like the marriott are filled. some high end hotels including willard intercontinental
to start with hans? no. we're going to start with doug johnson from m.t.c. who has been our partner in facilitating this occasion and, doug, would you please come over and say you're welcoming remarks. >> sure. >> in the interesting of being heard, i hate to stand between you and someone named hans but i will do it nonetheless. delay may also give the supervisor a chance to catch up with us. my name is doug johnson. i'm a senior planner at the metropolitan transportation commission overseeing our programs in land use and social equity. i'm also very fortunate to be a member of the transatlantic cities network, which is a project of the german marshall fund you'll be hearing from ellen. it is a network of 25 cities, 12 in the u.s., 13 in europe, and oakland is one of those cities, but i, of course, wearing my regional hat, have looked to expand what i have been learning through the network and the opportunities that present themselves to the network and to expand that. and where better to bring a cycling delegation than to the city of san francisco, a city very much on the verge of,
for a vote. doug mcelway is live with what it all means. you have been up all night so have i, what do we have? >> little more than 2 hours after the deadline passed they passed a stopgap fiscal cliff bill that spares the vast majority of americans tax increases. it passed with broad bipartisan support the final vote was 89 yai's 8 nay's. they pent went to the floor to describe a flawed bill one of the best they could craft given the different priorities over the two parties for the last couple years. >> shouldn't be a model of how we do things but i think we can say we have done some good for the country. we have done some good for the country. we have taken care of the revenue side of this debate. >>> working through the night we have reached a deal with sen more mcconnell. i have said all along the most important priority was to pa protect the middle class families. >> it raises tax rates on incomes over 400,000 for individuals 450,000 for couples. it blocks the spending cuts for two months to the military and other government programs. that was a huge concern. it extends unemployment
as of yet. what we are seeing is a wind advisory that goes until 6:00 a.m. as you said, doug, we'll be dealing with this as we go into the day tomorrow. we could see gusts to 50 and 60, especially as it makes its way through. these are the areas around here that have already gotten over an inch of rain. so flash need watch for all the areas in light green action and flash flood warning. the other big thing, of course, the falling temperatures. the americaly will continue to drop. you could see the winds blowing. we're going to keep you ahead of this storm. storm team 4 all over this storm. we're going to be live with any breaking weather events. i'll be back in a while to talk much more. and you can always get the latest on our weather app.s. >>> reuters reporter steve howland tweeted this photo of sandbags outside the entrance tots press briefing room just in case. >>> volunteer firefighter is in serious condition after an accident on the beltway that snarled traffic for about 12 hours. >> jackie bensen is at the scene now at the firehouse in prince george's county with more. ja
. it is now almost 40 degrees colder today than it was yesterday. doug, did i hear you talking about a touch of snow tomorrow? >> yeah, we already have some snow showers out there right now. we're talking about the rain we saw yesterday, that prompted the flood, numb recent flood warnings continue to be across the area. many counties cannot list all of them. there's just too many. go to our web side,, you can get the latest flood warnings that are currently out there. many of these go throughout the night, if you do encounter high water. make sure you turn around, don't drown. always make sure you go around it. look at this. wrinds, that's the factor today. rain was yesterday, damascus, over 6 inches of rain. monrovia, also over 4 inches each. reston around 2 inches. that's why we had the flooding overnight into the day today. what are we seeing now? i mentioned the wind and snow. around frederick, into frederick county, but look at this. northwestern portions of loudoun county, also over towards montgomery county action and yes, more is on the way overnight tonight
everybody. doug shoemaker the president of mercy housing foundation and this is a fabulous day. it doesn't get more complicated than the scenario we put together here. that is the san francisco way. if you can do it simply, you wouldn't want do it. [ laughter ] >> so we have tried to make it complicated, but the result is going to be an unbelievable, unbelievable community asset really what st. anthony and mercying housing and what all of our partners are about. there are so many people here that one of the things we're going to have to live with today a long list of thanks. not everyone will speak, but i want to acknowledge many of the people who here today. we're blessed to have leader nancy pelosi here. who has been a huge leader. [ applause ] mayor lee, and it seems like we might have a quorum with the board of supervisors. i'm sure there is no work getting done over there today because we have been blessed with so many. supervisor kim, supervisor yeee, supervisor cohen and supervisor dufty and those are just too name a few. for mercy, these opportunitis are just few and far between
about this from the st. anthony's perspective. >> thank you, doug. it's already been said a number of times already today, this is exciting. many of us have been waiting a long, long time for this day. of course we're all here today to celebrate something new. but when i look out on all of you gathered here, i see something very familiar about this gathering. yes, we're here to break ground on something new, a new buildings that will house the new st. anthony's dining room and 90 units of affordable housing for our seniors, sponsored by mercy. but when i look out and i see all of these different people gathered here, jones and golden gate, i'm sorry struck by how in so many ways it's very normal and natural. there is nothing different about today than other days. people hanging out, on this corner, is nothing new. yes, a new venture with mercy housing and st. anthony foundation in a very innovative and exciting collaboration. but also something very familiar. the francisans and sisters of mercy stepping up to help san francisco. [ applause ] there are some great old photos from rig
. right, doug? >> right. a warm-up in the next week. couple ups and downs over 24-48 hours. 38 degrees. the temperature right now. take a look at the dew point. the wind chill. done to 31. so that's one of the warmer wind chills. some of you in the lower 20s. as far as wind chill is concerned. to the north. 23, gaithersburg. cold night as far as the redskins game. fantastic weather coming for sunday. out there at fed-ex field. move around the stadium. temperature of 45 at game time. looking pretty good with light wind. 40 by the time the game end. complete forecast coming up in just a minute. >> thank you, doug. >>> we are less than 48 hours away from the battle with seattle. redskins wrapped up their last full day of practice today, before sunday's playoff game. >> battle with seattle. everybody wants to know how rg3 is feeling about the brace. not liking it is he? >> he is not liking it. how is he going to be? 100%? only answered on sunday. griffin says his knee is fine. the brace does hamper his mobility a bit. skins are less than 48 hours from kickoff first post season a apeer aaa
tonight, as we bring in more new video of damage sweeping across the south. doug has more next. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow! cheeseburger crescent casserole. double awesome. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. [ malcrrkkhshziiiizzlllee. to this symphony of flavor: beautiful. shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. >>> it's a form atthe governors in every state go through every year, but to some observers, there was something different about his state of the state address. >> as chris gordon records, some critics say he's already looking ahead to 2016. >> governor martin o'malley smiling and shaking hands as he strides to the podium. >> a great governor of this state. it brings the chamber to its feet. >> there is more that unites us than divided us. this year one of those things is the mighty, mighty baltimore ravens. reps here noticed
here since last february. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer has the freezing forecast. >> february 12th to be exact. with temperatures that are well below average. take a look at the windchill, down to 30. we're at 6:00 at night here. this is 11:00. or that's about normal for this time of year. maybe around -- tomorrow morning, waking up to temperatures in the 20s. some of you did wake up with the teens. >>> thanks action doug. the game, of course is on sunday in primetime, because everybody wants to see the redskins beat up on the seattle seahawks. they had their final full practice today. dan hellie has more. >> the seahawks have the number one defense in the nfl. there is a feeling they could be beaten. they think somebody that is brewing for quite some time. even from when coach shanahan first got here. >> the people kind of questions what direction is this organization going in, i think we all know we're not finished here, we're definitely not satisfied. >> he has not practiced this week because of a sprained ankle. >>> one more note, dan stein berg at the "the wa
have news crews checking out the damage in maryland, virginia and d.c. >> first here is doug kammerer with more on what is going on right now. doug? >> the threat is not over yet. as you mention, talking about temperatures today in into the 70s, creating a lot of warm air. you add moisture and this is what you get. you get showers, thunderstorms out there. not a lot of thunder and lightning with the storms, what there is and has been, very heavy rain. we are going to continue to see that, the tornado watch, for the most part is now out of the d.c. metro area. does include southern maryland, portions of the northern neck and fredericksburg. the threat diminishing. the rain threat we have seen here. look at the rain. heaviest rain. we're going to continue to see the heaviest rain there. that's where it has been, pretty much all evening. matter of fact we have seen estimates between 2 to 3 inches. around 3 inches in leesburg. 3 1/2 in western fairfax, gaithersburg, 3 inches too. we have flood warnings, flash flood warnings. encompassing the i-95 corridor. if you come across water, turn a
of virginia. we have team coverage tonight. chief meteorologist doug kaemerer tells us what to expect overnight but we begin with erica. >> the snow is still on the ground, so, it's not melting. what does that mean for you tonight? it you are in for a very cold and slick night on the roads. the temperatures have dropped and people have noticed. >> it's cold. >> reporter: that and the fact that it started to snow again today and fast. beautiful, fluffy, shimmery, even. but mother nature's picturesque view send snow plows into overdrive just before the rush hour commute and caused more than 100 crashes across the state of virginia. meanwhile, kelly is thinking warm thoughts. >> i'm from south carolina. and i was talking with my friends down there and it's 60s, 70 degrees. they're going to the beach. i'm sitting up here in the snow. >> reporter: speaking of the beach -- >> we were coming in from cau melto ft. lauderdale. >> reporter: multiple flights were delayed because of the snow or visibility or lack there of. you'd think the perfect time to partake in some ice skating, but it's so c
stores are still alive and well and surprise, surprise. doug cass joins us with his annual list of predictions. first, our top story, and that is stocks near a five-year high, so, we ask, even with today's slight pull back, are you a buyer or seller? >> 1465 is still that crypt night level. timmy was talking about it last week. it's still that level. more recent high was 1474. then we trailed down from there. until we cross over this 1465 level, we're still looking at profit taking. people still worried about the debt ceiling people still concerned with earnings. margins. a whole pot purry -- you know i love that word. so, there's plenty of reasons -- >> karen, you can sit on this side. the first time ever in the show's history. come over here, sit with us. >> i can smell your poe purry over here, my man. >> like roses. >> who knew? >> rather be a seller at this point. see the market show some confirmation. i'd rather be above 1474. i'd rather wait until there, because there, you get a good shot at 15, 1525. if you buy it there, you could be looking at much lower markets, but i
virginia. we will check in with doug again for the full seven day outlook. >> we've got more breaking news from prince george's county. they made an arrest in a murder of a 16-year-old boy. marcus jones was shot to debt as he left a party saturday night. we have more on the suspects in this case. >> police say they have made two arrests in this case but there is still a third suspect out there and they are hoping for the public's help in capturing. here's video from that press conference. they say these arrests were made in the murder of 16-year-old marcus jones who they believe was in a gang. the three people involved in shooting him, they are in a gang as well. the two people arrested are akil ings and police believe he was the shooter. he was arrested earlier today. late last night they arrested t.v. and they believe both suspects who were arrested are in gangs. the gang that jones was in is called dangerous gangs. they are taking other action as well. >> since this incident we've had additional resource officers, we've had additional police officer
meteorologist doug kammerer, tracking from the storm 4 weather deck. hello, doug. >> hi, doreen. can't see tight much tit too mu. light snow starting to fall. down to the stoouth, fairfax, prince george, and south. south of 66, or south of 50, the best places to see some snow. also back to the west. winchester, frederick, portions of the west virginia panhandle. starting to see snow. the snow will stick immediately. because the the temperatures have been below freezing for the last 48 hours, just about. 25 degrees right now in washington. 25, manassas. only going to get 1/2 inch to an inch in some locations. because of cold temperatures this will stick to the ground. also because of the timing this will probably end around rush hour tomorrow morning. so most of your surfaces, grass, roads, sidewalks are all going to be covered in the morning. so once again, not a huge deal. but even a half inch or inch of snow on the ground on the roads on the grassy surfaces or on sidewalks could pose hazard early tomorrow morning. that's why they have the winter weather advisory in effect. why we are joining y
of public notice and republican strategist. al turn to you first, doug. what do you make of the president using an executive order on this topic, of all thin? ld doug eakin. >> would you be shocked? immigration, union rights,ng the immigration reform issue. gerri: tyler. >> well, this is like mickey mouse band-aid. a compound fracture. blem.does not give it -- ge a >> this doesn't get to the root of thet problem. ns for people who are law-abiding citizens. this is not addressing safety or violent crime. gerri: you know, i guess you could run the nation on executive order. as doug was suggesting, but it is nothing i am in favor of. let's move on to a our debt and our nation's crisis with the debt ceiling. we default on february 15th. happy valentine's day. doug come -- doug, do you think we will avoid this or have big problems? >> at think the answer is simple. we don't have a fight or a crisis over the debt ceiling. we have a fight in crisis overspending that causes debt. if the spending or cut and there was an agreement but place on the way to rein in explosive and -- entitlement spendin
? is he something? [ applause ] but it's an honor to be with you barry, with susan swift, with doug shu-maker and our distinguished mayor, mayor lee. last time i saw him he was on the platform while president obama was delivering the inaugural address. susan corette, thank you for decades of generousity and service to our community across the board. and father harden, who is president of the st. anthony's foundation. thank you for your leadership. when barry talked about my bringing my children and grandchildren to serve meals over the years at st. anthony's dining room and others mentioned father alfred. i was remembering father floyd. [ applause ] i told my children when father floyd told me. a long time ago, i said father floyd, what makes you be able to do this over and over -- year in and year out? that you never burn out? that you have a constant source of enthusiasm for administering to the needs of people in need? he said when i was growing up, my parents told me that god loved poor people in a very special way. and so that we all must love them in a very special way. and t
. steam 4 meteorologist doug kammerer is here. how much colder will it get? >> couple degrees. sitting at freeze, mark in the daes decemb d.c. area. sitting at 32 at 11:00 tonight. 24, martinsburg. 24 hagerstown. 2 in leesburg. fredericksburg coming in at 33 degrees. tomorrow morning is going to be the coldest morning. and sending the kids off off to the bus stop. 7:27. 18 in some of the coldest areas. and cold, maybe an understatement. >> thank you, doug. >> secretary of state hillary rodham clinton left a new york hospital this evening after four days of treatment for a blood clot. pictures show her smiling inside a van as it pulled away from the hospital this evening. doctors believe the blood clot developed after clinton fainted and hit her head last month. earlier today seen traveling from one part of the hospital to another building before getting the go-ahead to leave. clinton is expected to make a full recovery. >> the house bill that prevented the fiscal cliff is at the white house awaiting the president's signature. law makers are getting ready for the next round of budget ta
at street level there in just a few minutes but first storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer has a look at our new year's eve forecast. >> last year at this time we were talking about temperatures close to 50 degrees. right now we're sitting at 39. not too bad. could get a lot colder this time of year. 39 degrees in washington. wind chill down to about 33, 34. it is quite chilly. 32 in manassas. 34 in gaithersburg. look down to the south. the clouds really helping to keep our temperatures warm. 46 in fredericksburg. 45 down toward patuxent river. i want to show you what's happening just to our west. notice our next storm system making its way, now rain to the south snow to the north. how is this one going to affect your new year's day? as we head into 2013 we are going to see some weather changes moving in. i'll show you what those are in a minute. >> thank you. a big party in alexandria under way right now. families there sampling the food, the music and lots of festivities at their annual first night celebration. news 4's darcy spencer is taking it all in where the party ends i
and what's moving in behind t >> thanks, doug. >>> the new legislative in maryland is under way now. there are controversial topics on the table. among them, lawmakers are considering eliminating the death penalty. chris gordon has our report. >> reporter: five prisoners are currently on maryland's death row. the last execution in the state was in 2005. after that the court of appeals ruled the state's death penalty regulations are improper and have to be rewritten. but instead of doing that, maryland governor martin o'malley has tried repeatedly to get the state legislature to repeal the death penalty. this year, he believes he will be successful. >> i'm hopeful leaders in the senate and the house will step forward and acknowledge that the truth that the death penalty is expensive and it doesn't work. it seems to me that anything the government does, which is expensive and ineffective, should be repealed, if only for those reasons. >> reporter: death penalty repeal has more support in the house of delegates than the senate where it has died in committee year after year. this sessio
fellow. doug holtz-ekin, peter suderman and james freeman, assistant editor for the wall street journal. james, i'm amoused right off the top. team obama starts attacking republicans first of all for the budget cutting sequester which they invented. second of all, for the fiscal cliff which they also invented. how silly is this? there is nothing serious about it at all. >> here we are. this is three years of big spending obamanomics. it's a terrible recovery. not what we need to create jobs. >> worst recovery since 1947. spending, taxing, regulating. we'll get into details. this report is not as bad as it's made out to be. >> i agree. >> the basic thrust is why not try something different? 2% growth is lousy, the worst since 1947 h. why not try something different? why not favor the private sector? instead of the government? >> i have a good idea. stop setting fiscal traps for yourself and a getting all excited when you defuse the bomb you set. i agree with your silliness analysis. it's just as silly to say, oh, that's their fault. the white house was responsible. these folks have consp
at chuck brown park is next. >> i'm doug hill in the weather center. cloudy mild warm upfor the weekend. it does not feel like january. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> a lasting tribute to the godfather of go-go is a go. >> sam ford gives us a look at what will become chuck brown park. >> chuck brown, the godfather of go-go music died last spring. by tends of next summer the city is promising to have a park constructed in his honor in northeast d.c. mayor vincent gray signed the bill today. >> the park is now official. >> for the ceremony were several members of chuck brown's family. >> this is very nice. >> we love that the city shows the enthusiasm. >> it helps with the grieving process. >> chuck brown died last may and thousands of fans paid tribute at the howard theater. the architect of that project is also the architect for the memorial park. >> there is a list we call it the gateaway, a list of his all music. >> he grew up in the neighborhood and used to play here as a kid. but son the park will take on a bigger significance for
with the storm watch 7 app on your smart phone. a couple of minutes and doug will have an update. >> we are following a developing story out of the district where people arrested a man in the death of siohban lee. she was found this morning shot and alexander buckley a d.c. man was arrest and charged with first degree murder. the pentagon is bracing for a budget slash ahead of possible sequestration. the automatic spending cuts are slated if congress doesn't work out a deal by march 1. the cuts could leave thousands 3 a bind. >> it was said today unless congress acts soon some 800,000 civilian pentagon employees could be furloughed. the news is grim. margaret mckeepy's daughter is a civilian worker with the army. >> they said a lot of people are upset because they are going to be furloughed. they are good workers. >> a top pentagon official says some 800,000 civilian workers could be furloughed one day a week by april. that is a 20% pay cut unless congress acts to ward off nearly $50 billion in cuts the news is expected to kick in march 1. >> it is ridiculous. >> don j
on philly bitting is one step clorse to reality. >> yes, more snow is coming our way. doug will tell us how much and when it will begin to fall. >> the verizon center is rocking the red tonight hoping the caps will break out and the ravens have their game faces on. what is the future of one of their biggest stars? there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee at have earned the "keurig brewed" seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed -- look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. >> democratic and republican leaders today introduces a plan to limit philly busts. the tactic is used by parties to avoid plans they don't like. if it is aproved, the deal as designed would reduce the number of times senators can delay bills. >> in maryland official have a new plan to help the poor and disadvantaged. it will be set up in annapolis baltimore, st. mary's county. the four-year $16 million pilot program will include in care clinics and additional
in customers. >> i'm doug hill in the weather center. our bright sunny day is turning into a clear and cold night. what about the weekend and inauguration day weather? i've got it for you. >> hundreds of planes are expected to fly into this area this weekend for the inauguration. most of them will park at dulles international airport. the mopts -- metropolitan authority tells us that roughly 300 private planes are expected there. the airport closed the runway for president obama's first inauguration. >> the crouppeds at the inauguration on monday won't be what it was in 2009 and that has an impact on some hotels. that has them scaling down on some of their packages. most of us couldn't afford the deals. >> they call it over the top for a reason. first of all, take a look at the view. look at thiser the arise that -- terrace you could put 300 of your friends here, they will heat it for you, they will feed you, they will allow your friends to stay here for four nights and you will have this amazing view of the parade route for $2.7 million. hotels have to pull
you, doug. >>> we have live team coverage across the area. julie carey's in northern virginia, adam tuss in montgomery county. tracee wilkins in montgomery county. hi, julie. >> reporter: well, here in western fairfax county, seems the snowfall has tapered off. even seen much for the last 30 minutes. in fact, look up behind me in the sky. the moon is glowing through the clouds and just a while ago, as the sun was going down, we saw the sun coming through, even the snow falling, strange weather sights out here today. take a look down on the sidewalk here. you get a pretty good idea of the little bit of powdery snow out here in fairfax county. but, vdot still took this seriously. and they wanted to stay ahead of this snow that came down this afternoon. take a look at these trucks. they were cruising primarily up and down the interstates and the primary roads like this one here on lee highway. putting down a mixture of salt and sand. but again, there has been so little accumulation out here in fairfax county that the roadways that we've been seeing, the main roads have not been a big p
at ramping up pressure on congress to take action. doug is live with more on this. hi, doug. >> after the trauma of the sandy hook massacre the urgent call to limit easy access to guns have met resistance and exposed the divide over firearms. president has offered 23 different executive actions which would strengthen background checks better address mental health and call for armed officers for schools that want them. politics are fraught with danger for the president. there are 20 democratic senate seats up for grabs in 2013 including in arkansas, alaska, iowa, louisiana, colorado, new hampshire and south dakota which suggests that any gun control measures will have to be a compromise. >> everyone is trying to divert from the core issue which is there is a huge consensus in the country, including a vast majority of republicans that assault weapons, high capacity magazines, universal background checks, making progress on mental health, these are things that we should and can do. >> i think we can do something about mental health, about information sharing, maybe about background check
: that statement gives fuel to the critic whose say he is not competent to be attorney general. thank you, doug. even with the fiscal cliff deal, odds are your taxes will go up the how much? that is coming up next. he beat the odds more than once to get to congress. how senator came back from a stroke. a remarkable day, walking up the stairs outdoors, the nation's capitol today. >>gregg: look at this swearing in ceremony for the house of representatives a photo op and joining us by telephone from capitol hill, senior producer who keeps us alive each second with all kinds of news. we have been watching this, chad, where everyone gets their picture takes with the speaker. explain this. >>reporter: right now the speaker is shaking hands with a democrat from florida and in a second he will walk across the room, they have another set of flags lined up and they will bring in in a congress woman matsui and he walks back to the other side and another mock swearing in, with another member, a member who lost to west a couple of years ago and now, he has come back. they all bring if their families. they h
, folks. storm 4 chief meteorologist has more on the coldest night of the season. doug kammerer. doug? >> temperatures on average. tomorrow will feel 15 to 20 degrees colder depending on where you are. the cloud cover. notice it looks like on the radar we have rain and even snow moving on in. the atmosphere, too dry at the surface. none of this its hitting the ground. we are going to stay with the cloud cover as we make our way through the night tonight. temperatures, 41 in washington. 22 degrees in pittsburgh. 29 in morgantown. the very cold air making its way our way overnight tonight. tomorrow, will probably be the coldest day we have seen so far. tomorrow night we get really cold. talk about that in a minute. >> doug, thank you. a massive outpouring of support at the site of an accident that killed a prince william county motorcycle officer this week. family, fellow officers, and strangers stood side by side to night to honor his life. as news 4s darcy spencer shows us, officer chris young is remembered for his service, his community spirit, and his smile. ♪ there were bagpipes,
strategist. al turn to you first, doug. what do you make of the president using an executive order on this topic, of all things? >> well, if i told you the topic was entitlement reform, would you be shocked? [laughter] gerri: here we go again. >> immigration, union rights, education reform, using the executive authority to bypass congress. this is far from this. gerri: gretchen. >> you know, it is a very heated issue, and one that needs to have different voices and user id. at just think that this is not productive and would only fan the flames of an already hot issue. gerri: tyler. >> well, this is like mickey mouse band-aid. a compound fracture. this does not give it -- get at the root of the problem. this is about trying to restrict the ability to own and buy guns for people who are law-abiding citizens. this is not addressing safety or violent crime. gerri: you know, i guess you could run the nation on executive order. as doug was suggesting, but it is nothing i am in favor of. let's move on to a our debt and our nation's crisis with the debt ceiling. we default on february 15t
public appearance in months. >> reporter: doug, we haven't seen him in a while. but the message hasn't changed. the same old same old -- i'm not leaving, i am not negotiating, i am not giving up. it's the terrorists, according to him, causing the publish -- the problems inside. he did offer a peace plan, saying i am happy to negotiate, to give the russians to something to tell everyone. the u.s. political term would be optic. that's the most important thing to pay attention to. this is a president involved in a civil war for 21 months, he looks rested and thinner than in the past. he is speaking to an adoring crowd, live on state tv. the fact that all of these people would come out in the middle of the day for this speech shows this is a man in control in some parts of his capitol. and it shows that he has a lot of loyalists to the regime who want him to continue to push forward on this civil war. he blamed al qaeda and a number of other terrorist organizations and foreign fighters behind the insurgency. and the video out of syria does point to an increasing number of islamic jihaddi
. only fdr with match that. joining me now, doug brinkley and doris kearns goodwin. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> thank you, glad to be here. >> doris, i'm excited to finally talk to you. because i've talked to doug a few times. i went to see "lincoln" the other day. i thought it was absolutely a magnificent movie and really just showed me firsthand what an extraordinary man lincoln was. >> there's no question. i mean, i'm so proud of what they did. you almost feel like you're watching abraham lincoln walking and talking and the political genius that he had. in our time now to see the possibility of getting those characters in congress to come together to do something is a great sobering lesson. >> do you wish perhaps that today's politicians from the president down showed some of the moral courage that lincoln showed over the issue of slavery, for example? >> i think that's the real point. you know, everybody talks about we wish the politicians today showed the compromise which the movie shows and lincoln showed. but it's the moral courage and the convictions of fighting for th
caterpillar reports. then we're going to talk to doug oberhelm. >> which is very exciting. but why don't we check on how the markets are faring this morning before that news. right now, you'll see if futures are indicated a little lower. dow futures down by less than 17 points. s&p futures off by 1.25 points. as joe was mentioning, there are a lot of records we've been talking about. the dow is off 6% for january. 1989 it gained 8%. at this point, the dow is only about 260 points away from its all-time closing high. the s&p on friday closed above 600 for the first times since back to 2007. we've been watching a lot of things and how they've played out this morning. you can take a look at where things stand in europe. one of the things we've been talking about this morning is apple and exxon. exxon took back its title as the most valuable company in the world. has a market cap of $418 billion at the close on friday versus apple's market cap for $413 billion. a lot of things have been changing. people watch that, they watch the transports, people have been setting new highs the last eight ses
. but it is fabulous. >>> who is out in it? doug. he knows where to be. how warm did we get today? >> we got close to 70 degrees and many of us, temperatures in the low to mid 70s today. here we are. month of january. we have not seen this warm weather since 2008. currently we are sitting at 59 degrees at the airport. notice the cool spots. d.c. that's also annapolis and patuxent river, alonged abouties of water. we are still in the mid 60s. 64 in zbath egaithersburg. hour by hour taking through the time periods of 7:00, 64 degrees. 63 by 8:00. we are not dealing with rain right now. take a look at this. look at the showers and the thunderstorms, severe weather out to the west. numerous tornado warnings currently in effect. some of them around st. louis, missouri area. the wild weather over the next few days. >>> back to our top store write. murder of a teenage girl from maryland after she went on a website called tagged. the website comes with a warning tonight from the family of that 18-year-old from takoma park. >> we say it is called tagged but it does have that warning and it is used by milli
so far this season? >> and it's looking look the mercury will continue to fall. doug kammerer has a look at the numbers. >> guys, tonight is going to be one cold tonight. tomorrow morning you'll wake up to the coldest numbers we have seen in quite a while. windchill, look at the windchill right now in d.c., 27 degrees. thathe at the airport. 29 in annapolis, 29 on the eastern shore, back towards the west along i- 81. how about 26 in both win chesters and martins burg. windchill there, 20 and those windchilling will go down this evening, too. walking up into the 20s. that's the lowest we have been so far. most of you will be a lot colder than that. we'll talk about that, and plus how cold things stay for tomorrow and through the weekend, coming up. >>> right now at 5:00, police in montgomery county need help, finding a missing man. 23-year-old michael poe disappeared after going out with friends new year's eve. jack i didn't know benson is live in adams morgan where he was last seen. >> reporter: he's a graduate of poleville high school and virginia tech. his high school friends jo
for inauguration, a bit on the breezy side, too, then even colder into the middle of next week. thank you, doug. >>> coming up a rescue dog takes loyalty to a whole new level. how the faithful friend honored his owner in life and in death. >>> a group called the sandy hook truthers are causing problem in newtown. >>> the caps on the ice trying to make nice with the fans. >>> we'll show you some of the >>> a jury is deliberating in the trial of rich more phillips. >>> in algeria, still no words how many hostages died in a rescue effort. the country's state news agency says terrorists were neutralized and many hostages were freed. it looks like president obama could pain on the gun control proposals. supporters got an e-mail promising more soon from the campaign organization. >>> the caps are taking another step to mend fences after the hockey lockout. they're hold ago practice tonight, free for those who want to go. dan hellie has a special guest who's more than ready for saturday. >> wendy brought it up, 119 days, but everybody is ready for hockey. there's going to be a scrimmage down here. the
and welcome to the power pitch. i'm brian sullivan. this is where doug mack, is giving pottery barn a run for their money. here is his power pitch. >> this is the fastest growing immerse companies ever. we provide consumers fundamentally better choices on home decore choices than at traditional retail. we work with thousands of vendors and scour hundreds of thousands of product that bring our customers back the best of the best. we have thousands of new products to keep it fresh and interesting for customers. this has tremendous business growth. doing $200 million inevenue this year on the web. this is up a hundred percent from last year. with mobile commerce, 25% of revenue coming from mobility already, putting us on the top end of industry and the top three most visited home decore webs along side pottery barn and crate and barrel. we have partners that higher global management and like today we break $67 million in total capital which gives us great fuel. . >> doug is on the right side of the screen. he cannot react it our critiques just yet. ju julia boorstin and patrick chung. so let
with brinkmanship on this particular issue. melissa: doug, how serious is it to hit the debt ceiling? what really happens? do we suddenly default? do we stop paying certain parties? what happens? >> this is --. melissa: i'm sorry. i said that to doug real quick. >> okay. >> i mean i would say two things. first, have to point out there is lot of uncertainty in these projections. i made lots of them. many turned out to be badly wrong. that is just part of the business but we shouldn't flirt with the debt ceiling at all. to run up against the debt ceiling is to effectively send a default signal to the rest of the world. there is lot of talk you could pay some bills and not others but in effect you could pay interest and social security and things like that, but you couldn't pay the troops. you couldn't pay for roads, bridges, basic research, education. simply nothing to flirt with. you would either scare the international community to death or deprive people of basic services. we should have an agreement. that we shouldn't do anything but raise the debt ceiling. we should have an agreement we should
of the armstrong's teammates. and livestrong ceo doug ulman. >>> the speculation continues to swirl around notre dame as linebacker manti te'o and the mystery over a girlfriend he publicly mourned and now says never existed. in the wake of that revelation in claims he was a victim of the elaborate hoax news organizations are sifting news reports raising more questions. an associated press review finds the heisman trophy candidate perpetuated the relationship. te'o said he learned of the hoax on december 6th which leaves us to learn when will we hear from te'o himself. >>> now, the latest on the ongoing hostage crisis in algeria. new details are emerging about the algerian government raid to rescue foreign nationals held captive at a bp-related gas plant. some americans escaped but others are still being held. duncan, what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning. the latest has come from the british prime minister who has been speaking to his algerian counter part and he said they are still pursuing terrorists and possibly some of the hostages in other areas of the site. what's unclear is how man
of a place. it's about the investment in these lives and building their lives as we go along the way. doug schoomaker knows this. he was there from the beginning before olson. and olson was really working hard at the redevelopment. now we call it the commission on community investment and infrastructure. and we want to say that word a lot. because, yes, it's still the redevelopment promise that we had, but it's much more than that. and we want to get away from the old negative legacies that redevelopment had with many members of our community in san francisco, on to investment and infrastructure, investing in people, investing in their lives. as we rebuild physically here. you're also going to see a lot more parks, open space. you're going to see a community center here. you're going to see people that will see employment training as their way forward, not their way out. and people are going to want to live here. there are people that are going to want to buy the market rate housing that's going to be built here right next door and in and around the area. the affordable rental housing that
on this and invite up mayor ed lee. [ applause ] >> thank you, doug and thank you for your leadership at mercy housing. as you reconstruct your life. [ laughter ] anyway, let me first of all say it's a privilege to be with our board of supervisors, many of the members are here. our fire chief, our police chief, our homeless connectors, bevin, who has been on the streets and i will be out there with you tonight to do the homeless count as we need to do to make sure we're doing our best to cover everyone. barry said earlier this is a lot of miracles happening and i will tell you this is the city of miracles, because we want those miracles to happen. we wish it to happen. lucille wouldn't be here without those miracles. [ applause ] world-class miracles, right? but there is a lot of challenges in our lives. and things that we're confronted with, but as doug kind of explained we got it together when we knew we were challenged. i think, i mean, i look at people, like leader pelosi, to give me the kind of personal incentive that i need to move things forward. because if you talk about someone who is
religious and civic groups that sponsor scouting units the freedom to decide the matter for themselves. doug mckelway live in washington for us with more on this this would be a sudden reversal of policy right, doug? >> reporter: sure would, jon. only seven months ago in fact the organization reaffirmed its ban on homosexuality but apparently has come under tremendous pressure from two of its board members and some of its chapters to change its ways. the new policy, if adopted would allow individual chappers and troops to decide for themselves whether to accept gays. for families who have long seen the boy scouts as a refuge for traditional values the proposed policy change is deeply disturbing. >> the overwhelming majority of families in scouts adhere to a traditional bib lickal view of moral values which we think homosexuality is incompatable. we don't want our sons mentored by gay men. >> reporter: others say the scouts ha long had gays this their ranks who were forced to suffer silently with their secrets. we have a former eagle scout and an openly gay man. >> i work with younger people
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